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OA Ceremonies

Allagagan OA Chapter can perform at Cub Scout Crossover and Eagle Ceremonies.

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Arrow of Light and Crossover Ceremonies

The crossover is designed to have a powerful inspirational effect, not only on the Webelos Scouts participating in it, but on the other Cub Scouts witnessing it, giving them a glimpse into what lies ahead on their Scouting journey.  The goal for this ceremony is to start these new Scouts BSA members on the trail to Eagle with confidence and resolve, in addition to impressing upon parents and other loved ones the amazing Scouting journey their newly minted Scouts BSA member is beginning.

Our OA Guide will work with your Pack to incorporate a meaningful OA Ceremony for your Pack.  The OA Ceremony is about 20 min. in length.

A Pack Organizer Needs To:

  1. Request the OA team, to request the date and time.
  2. Keep the OA Guide (usually the adult that responds to the request) informed of updates to the Pack Crossover
  3. It is customary to invite the OA team (usually 4 youth and 2 adults) to the pack's event and meal/snacks (it is suggested if the meal is first, allow the OA team to go through the food line first as honored guest.  This allows the team time to eat and then go back stage to prepare).
  4. Typically packs make a small donation and it is very appreciated.  We invest the funds back into supplies for future ceremonies.


Eagle Scout Ceremony

Our OA Ceremony Teams can preform a special Eagle Scout Ceremony for any Arrowman at their Eagle Court of Honor.


Request an OA Ceremony

Please use the form below to request a date and time for your event.  Please be as specific as possible to help us "be preapred."




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