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Tribal and Lodge Ordeal

Ordeal season is here! The four ordeals that the lodge offers is West Tribe, East Tribe, Central Tribe, and Lodge Ordeal. This is the weekend induction for those who were elected by their troops for OA this past election season. If there is anyone who was elected last year, but did not go through Ordeal, may go through Ordeal this year due to Covid-19. However, if you were elected this year, you have to through Ordeal this year. If not, you will have to be re-elected before you can be inducted. You may also go for Brotherhood at Ordeal if your dues are paid/currenct, and you have been an active member in OA for at least 6 months. We also need staff to sign up for the Ordeal. You must be at least Ordeal Rank in OA. I would like to have a good turn out from our chapter to be present on staff. Below is a link where you can register for Ordeal. See you there!

Yours in Brotherhood,

Simeon Pontones, ALO Chapter Chief

Emi Church, ALO Chapter Adviser


Sign up for Ordeal here


If you have and questions regarding events, you can email:

Simeon Pontones, ALO Chapter Chief at ALOchief@jaccostownelodge.org
Emi Church, ALO Chapter Adviser at ALOadviser@jaccostownelodge.org

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